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Read more about us at Rocket Diner! Here you will find answers to all the questions you may have regarding diner furniture, American diner furniture, 50s charm and 50s decor.

About Rocket Diner

Welcome to Rocket Diner, your premier retailer of authentic 50's diner furniture. We are dedicated to embracing the classic heritage and helping you create restaurants and homes that are not only filled with character and style, but also carry the timeless charm of the golden age of the 50s.

Step into the charm of the 50s with Rocket Diner, where each piece of furniture is carefully selected to tell a unique story. Every purchase with us becomes a memorable journey through time and style, where you can immerse yourself in the authentic aesthetics of the happy decade.

We offer a curated range of high quality 50s diner furniture from the chrome detailing to the vibrant colours, all designed to reflect the era and create an atmosphere of genuine nostalgia.

Rocket Diner is not just a furniture retailer; it is a passion for conveying the aesthetics of the 50s and creating spaces where each piece of furniture tells a unique story. Step into the charm of the 50s with us and let our range help make your restaurant or home a living tribute to an iconic era.


We at Rocket Diner strive to offer you the best possible quality and choice when it comes to our products. To ensure this, we stock carefully selected items and produce others to order. This strategy enables not only a varied and unique range, but also cost savings that we are happy to share with our customers.

The part of our goods that is kept in stock is carefully selected to ensure availability and fast delivery. On the other hand, some products are made to order to meet specific needs and preferences of our customers. This flexibility enables us to offer customized solutions while keeping costs at a competitive level.

We understand the importance of offering high quality products at affordable prices and are proud to offer our customers this benefit. Our dedication to both quality and economical options is part of our commitment to creating a positive and satisfying shopping experience for you.


Many wonder how we can have such good quality and at the same time clearly lower prices than our (few) competitors.

It is easy to explain.

Purchase volume, very good agreements with both manufacturers and shipping together with low operating costs mean that we do not need high margins.

We can maintain the same or often even higher quality of our goods than our competition thanks to this.

Feel free to compare our prices, we are just as happy every time :)