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Galactic Guardians

Galactic Guardians

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Galactic Guardians is a playful work of art that captures the energy and adventure of cartoon rocket superheroes in an atmosphere of 1950s aesthetics. Painting with vivid colors and dynamic lines, the artwork creates a world where these heroes, with rocket-like powers stand ready to defend the galaxy. Each character is alive and full of personality, and the background is bursting with both retro charm and the mystique of the space adventure. A celebration of fantasy and heroism where every detail tells a story of courage and galactic heroism embedded in the iconic aesthetic of the 1950s.

Name of the board: Galactic Guardians
Individual painting: 40x40 cm
Artwork: 120 x 120 cm (recommended spacing approx. 6 cm)
The spaces between the boards are not included in the measurement

ATTENTION! This work of art is only available in one edition, each individual painting is completely unique

Aluminum background

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