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Rocket Dreams in Technicolor

Rocket Dreams in Technicolor

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Rocket Dreams in Technicolor takes us on a visual journey back to the space age of the 1950s. Through vivid colors and sharp contrasts, the artwork evokes a sense of adventure and faith in the future from that time. The elegant and futuristic shapes of the rockets dance in an explosion of technicolor, and each brushstroke is like a glimpse of the dreamy atmosphere of the time. An artistic tribute to an era of discovery and optimism, where space was an unexplored playground and the future was painted in the most vivid colors.

Artwork name: Rocket Dreams in Technicolor
Individual painting: 40x40 cm
120 x 80 cm (recommended spacing is approx. 6 cm)

ATTENTION! This work of art is only available in one edition, each individual painting is completely unique

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