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Splashes of the 50s

Splashes of the 50s

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Splashes of the 50s captures the iconic style of the 1950s through vibrant color explosions of red, blue and yellow. Each artistic movement is like an energetic dance of colors, and the artwork vibrates with the vitality and joy of the time. The playful combination of color shades creates a visual feast, where every detail reflects the iconic era of rock'n'roll, sugary milkshakes and lively dance floors. An artistic tribute to the vibes of the 1950s, where every shade is like a sparkling memory of a time filled with joy and optimism.


120cm x 120cm (space not included, we recommend approx. 6 cm space)

Each individual painting is 40x40cm

NOTE this painting is only in one edition and will not be sold again. Certificate and plaque accompany the artwork

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